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 As an accomplished poet, Marcy has penned poetry related to her gardening experiences and life on the farm. For example, she tells the story of the farm’s resident brown bat, Bastian, that is often found hanging up side down on her house. The friendly visitor, who returns every year, is the subject of her booklet titled, “Bastian, the Resident Brown Bat at Fawn Run Farm”  that comes complete with a small hand-crafted fabric bat. The author loves to write in rhyme—whenever she can find the time—, which, by looking at the number of poems written and published, is quite often. Her poems include: "Gardener's Springtime Lament," “The Plant Collector,” “Heirloom Gardens,” “Composting 101,” “This Place is a Zoo,”  and 
" My Least Favorite Things- A Gardener's Viewpoint," among others. “Gardeners Latin Liability” was published in the Herb Society of America’s national newsletter.


Framed copies of many of these poems may be purchased  for $9.99 ea. plus shipping.

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